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On a mission to fuse design artistry with engineering logic, I strive to craft seamless digital experiences and mentor the next wave of tech innovators.


Senior Software Engineer

In 2020, I joined the Workflows team to enhance FullStory’s product analytics with features like metrics, dashboards, and funnels.

Throughout my tenure, I’ve reviewed and merged over 600 pull requests, reviewed 1000+ more, and authored numerous engineering design documents. My footprint is embedded in every aspect of the FullStory app, a testament to my dedication and impact.

Hackathon WinnerMay 2023 People’s Choice
Hackathon WinnerMar 2022 People’s Choice
Hackathon WinnerSep 2020 Design and UX
Guillaume Uys
Guillaume UysSr. Director of Engineering

Joel’s deep development skillset is complemented by his friendly, can-do, collaborative spirit, making him an outstanding team player. His willingness to assist and consistent drive to expand his expertise, particularly into AI, showcases his adaptability and humble approach to challenges.

Stephanie Brubaker
Stephanie BrubakerVP of Engineering, Founder

Joel is a thoughtful, talented engineer and a wonderful collaborator. He consistently delivered high-quality work and exhibited leadership in every team, proving to be a true team player and an asset to any company.

Mark Isham
Mark IshamSVP of Engineering

Joel is a seasoned software professional, well-respected for his ability to break down large projects and deliver with discipline. His strong leadership skills are evident and he is highly regarded by his peers.


Engineering Manager, 2017-2020

Founded the PureCars labs team in 2017 to spearhead the greenfield development of innovative products in the automotive advertising space, leveraging emerging technologies and bringing creative solutions to the forefront.

During my tenure at PureCars, I consistently pushed the envelope in technology and product development. My role involved not only leading projects but also mentoring the team, leaving a lasting impact on the products and people I worked with.

Adam Phillips
Adam PhillipsChief Technology Officer

Joel brings a wealth of knowledge and extreme passion to every project. He was instrumental in our largest platform release in 2014 and led the team to its latest release in 2020. Joel is a master of his craft, elevating those around him.

Jordan Carroll
Jordan CarrollSenior Software Engineer

Joel is the best front end developer, leader, and friend I’ve worked with. His combination of humility, confidence, and respect is unparalleled. He was an excellent mentor, supervisor, and friend at PureCars, leading our team to success. Joel’s dedication and care are truly remarkable, and he profoundly impacts those he works with.

The Weather Company, an IBM Business

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead, 2016-2017

Joined as a Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead, focusing on transforming into a modern, performant web application.

My time at The Weather Company was marked by significant contributions to modernizing a highly trafficked web platform, employing cutting-edge technologies and collaborative problem-solving to improve overall user experience and content management.

Joel Foy
Joel FoyManager of Software Engineering

Joel is an outstanding engineer and someone that could add rocket fuel to any team. He’s fantastic at solving complex problems and creating solutions that delight users.


Senior Software Engineer, 2014-2016

Joined as a Senior Software Engineer, leading the development of enterprise-level front end web applications with a focus on sophisticated UI design and architecture.

Throughout my tenure at PureCars, my focus was on developing scalable and maintainable code, driving innovation in web application development and contributing significantly to the company’s technological evolution.